Citrine draws upon the machine-driven typography of the first American PC boom of the 1980s: word processing typefaces made for easy reading at low resolution, and in-game typography. A large x-height means easy onscreen reading; a round joint means friendliness.

Try me.

Citrine is a typeface for writing, loosely based on the Epoca typeface (made for the Hermes 3000 typewriter). Citrine starts with Epoca’s essential widths and spaces, then adds tension with flat sides in curved forms, a double-barrel lowercase a and the tighter spacing necessary for modern screen reading. Citrine is five weights + true small caps for each, sized to the lowercase. You can set that as unicase, if you’re one of those people.

The samples below are more writing-based than I usually make, but it’s fun, I promise, you visual people. Please enjoy my bananas conspiracy theory about why “Riverdale” (airing on the CW in the United States) is so insane.

Citrine began as a private design for my in-studio letterwriting and invoicing documents. Readability, friendlieness, space, and lots of different kinds of numerals are important to Citrine’s feel.

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