In most cases, you’ll license the fonts for your client’s size—not you. If you’re an individual designer working alone to create your own works, you’ll buy an Individual license.

Individual: Licensed to a single person.

2 to 5 employees: for Licensees with 2 to 5 employees.

6 to 10 employees: for Licensees with 6 to 10 employees.

11 to 25 employees: for Licensees with 11 to 25 employees.

26 to 50 employees: for Licensees with 26 to 50 employees.

51 employees and up: for Licensees with 51 employees or more.

Your purchase of this license allows you to

1) Use our font files within a single legal organization, not limited by physical geography.

2) Modify the font files for your personal, noncommercial use.

3) Keep a backup copy of the font files on a private, non-public drive.

Your purchase of this license doesn’t allow you to

1) Distribute our font files in any way other than as a branding, decorative, finished content, or interface element of your own creation. If you want to allow your users to create their own finished content using our font files, you’ll need to contact us to discuss pricing.

2) Share our font files with your colleagues or vendors outside your licensed organization, for any use other than outputting your finished work.

3) Re-post them for public downloading anywhere on the Internet, including (but not restricted to) the web, Usenet, or FTP servers.

4) Re-sell our typeface files in another digital form (such as a digitized embroidery or stamped font for scrapbooking) without obtaining pricing specific to your application.

Font files sold by XO Type Co aren’t shareware

Any infractions of the licensing terms will result in your license being revoked, and open the possibility of legal action to recoup our lost revenue.

Purchasing our font files indicates that you agree to be bound by these licensing terms. if you need to work within a different licensing framework, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss.

Need the legal document? Please see the End User License Agreement.

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