Okoye is a workhorse sans with odd details—a quirkhorse, lol. It’s made for general-purpose graphic design, and adds warmth easily, but without announcing its own presence over the subject matter. Okoye comes in 9 weights, with true small caps in each weight. See more here.

What, really, is glitter, anyway?

Big Shoulders is Chicago’s official type family, which I designed from 2018-2020 for the Chicago Design System. 3 styles: Big Shoulders, Big Shoulders Stencil, and Big Shoulders Inline. See more here.

Gimme an Old Style and a shot of Malört!

Citrine is a typeface for writing, loosely based on the Epoca typeface (made for the Hermes 3000 typewriter). Citrine starts with Epoca’s essential widths and spaces, then adds tension with flat sides in curved forms, a double-barrel lowercase a and the tighter spacing necessary for modern screen reading. Citrine is five weights + true small caps for each, sized to the lowercase. You can set that as unicase, if you’re one of those people. See more here.

Most heartfelt, I thank my typewriter. My typewriter is a Hermes 3000, surely one of the noblest instruments of European genius.

Havelock Titling is a love letter to futuristic type. It features heavily stylized geometry and authoritative spacing—letters reduced to a strict combination of circle, square, and triangle, with a lot of air between them—to give words an authoritative graphic feel. See more here.

Always watch your doors and corners

Buy Havelock Titling: Family | Light | Regular | Medium | Bold | Black | Download a specimen

Havelock is made for layering. All forms are constructed from the same essential outline, but changed inside for so many stunning effects. Inline, Multiline, and Stencil all have interlocking inner shapes to create a wide array of visual forms. See more here.


Rocinante Titling is an exercise in grace forced out of limited shapes. I designed it as a contrasting companion to Havelock Titling: same weight range, spacing, and scale—but spikier, more angular. That means you can change your tone + color by flipping between Havelock Titling’s imposing bulk and Rocinante Titling’s staccato rectilinearity. See more here.


Buy Rocinante Titling: Family | Light | Regular | Medium | Bold | Black | Download a Specimen

Please note: each Rocinante Titling weight comes with its matching oblique—so by purchasing Light, you’re also getting Light Oblique.

Gia is a distillation of the snakey, slithery letterforms that 1970s American pop culture brought us: Atari, the early Apple logo, NASA. Gia has a full range of small caps, as well as uppers and lowers. See more here.

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