Havelock is a collection of 4 interchangeable all-caps typefaces, made for layering and play. It combines hard and soft, geometry and pattern.

The tone is inspired by the military hardness of Brody’s types for The Face magazine in the 1980s. The softness was deeply inspired by sinewy, curvy forms Lubalin explored over and over. Stencil and Multiline were driven by ideas from Glaser and Cassandre. Havelock first appeared as an initial study for Gia (which is now another idea entirely). It wasn’t quite right, so I stored and forgot about it—until cleaning out a hard drive in 2016, and was struck by how pretty the letters are despite their harsh geometry.

You can layer and mix styles within a single word, retaining coherent visual tone. Havelock Solid operates as a background layer, Multiline sits nicely atop it, Inline frames Multiline’s center strokes, and Stencil lets details peek through. If you’re working with transparent color layers, the blending is gorgeous.

Havelock’s pricing starts at $35 per style or $99 for all 4 styles if you’re using it for a single project. XO keeps licensing easy to understand and easy to get, broken up into 6 tiers, from ExtraSmall to XXL.

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